What is Radix?

Your Future Digital Economy

Your Future Digital Economy

A New Revolutionary Ledger


Dan Hughes - Radix Founder

Founder & CEO

Dan Hughes

A veteran in developing next generation technology for over 20 years. Dan’s first venture as an entrepreneur was a mobile games development company creating titles for the Nokia 3310. Following a successful exit, he ventured into fintech, creating the first mobile enabled contactless payment system, working closely with OEM device manufacturers on both hardware and software. A third venture followed working with major phone manufacturers and service operators in the mobile space and assisting in the development of the first Android device. Dan intends to change the world of finance and many other industries with the evolutionary Radix technology, which he has been working on since 2013.

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Robert Olsen - Radix COO


Robert Olsen

Serial entrepreneur and international networker. Robert has lived and worked in over 10 countries and 3 continents. Previously worked with Apple and headed up sales, marketing and advertising in London agencies. A Tec aficionado since 1995 and Bitcoin maven.

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